All our lives we’ve been told we can do
anything, but rarely HOW to do one thing well.
OUT IN BLOOMAL is about how.

About Your Hosts:

Erik & Kristen recently relocated to Bloomington-Normal with their two young boys, Exavier and Hyatt. They bring a wealth of experience in Filmmaking, Adult Learning, and Communications.

“Our goal for OIB is to build a community where our boys and other families feel connected in ways we never had.”

8 Years Experience in Digital Communications & Film

Here is what Kristen’s LinkedIn Profile Says:

Self-starter with a track record of streamlining processes and ironing out effective business communications. Recognized for meticulous attention to detail through analysis, documentation, organization and execution. Digital marketer, specialized in audio-video production and post production.

Here’s what Kristen’s LinkedIn Profile Doesn’t Say:

She doesn’t drink coffee, but she’ll meet you for some because it smells amazing. She needs to sleep more, and works crazy late and early hours to help support her family and build their dreams. Work is the creative outlet that allows her to be a better, more empowered mom. It helps her be more fully present for her boys when she’s not working. Her pet peeves include: personal spelling mistakes, Erik not making the bed in the morning, and being called “sweetheart” by anyone – seriously, don’t do it.

Erik’s bio isn’t going up right now:

Because it’s the middle of the night and he’s asleep, like a rational person should be. Basically, he’s incredible at Learning & Development and Community Relations. I could not do this without him.

To Sum Things Up:

We produce awesome videos. These include video for business communication, Social Media, TV, brand development, legacy building, and personal empowerment. We’d love to work with you!