About the Show

The OUT IN BLOOMAL Podcast is a local-interest audio/video based show published across social media. We partner with special guests to produce leadership and community development content for our listeners. By offering their life experiences, career insights and opportunities for community involvement, special guests help our audience explore great ideas for future success.

Video Podcast Episodes

Podcast With Us

We are looking for impactful people with ties to Central Illinois willing to invest their stories in the lives of others through podcasting. There is currently zero cost associated with appearing as a guest on the show. Guests benefit from the following:

  • Signal Boosting: Wider audience exposure, referrals, direct links to their website and social media
  • Brand Building: Increased legitimacy and recognition for their expertise
  • Legacy Exposure: Perpetuated character and influence pieces online for generations to come

What Podcast Guests Can Expect

When you guest star on the show, you are the most interesting person in the room. Your host will facilitate conversation with pre-arranged talking prompts, and attentively listen to you as you tell your story. Recorded footage will be edited, mistakes cut out, audio and color enhanced, and music and graphics added. As professionals in our field, we do everything possible to convey your message and make sure you look good doing it.

Episodes are record on-site, this can be your place of business, home, or other venue. We are always looking for partners in the community willing to host episodes of the show at their location.

Typical time commitment per episode = 2 hours. This consists of setup (30 min.), recording (1 hr.), pack up (15 min.), and supplemental onsite filming (15 min./optional).

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