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New / Coming in 2020

   Women In Post – We’ve officially launched Season One of the Women In Post podcast & web series! The purpose of the show is to advance the community of women making films and careers in post-production through conversation, industry insights, and editing strategies. With new episodes each week spotlighting the work and experience of female creators, we help women build more productive and profitable careers in film.

   KNG University – helpful courses & tutorials on video editing, podcasting, and social media that will help you grow and shine online

   Downloads to expedite your technical workflows, including Instagram templates, stock video, motion graphics packs, LUTS, and more

   My personal Field Guide to what you need to focus on to take consistent action in developing your career in post production

   Insights on advancements in tech and the future of digital communications

   And for freelance services: access to my Premium Client Community for all your editing needs

About Kristen Goshorn

I discovered my love & talent for editing film later in life than most. I already had a degree in Politics, a career in the Fed, and a growing family to attend to. I started editing while pregnancy vlogging from a remote island off the east coast of Virginia, and it’s been my passion ever since!

On the journey that’s followed, community has been such an essential part of filmmaking. Every conversation, every new connection, every opportunity draws us deeper into the amazing and magical world that is post-production. I’m an avid connector of people, facilitator of conversations, and the sweetest steamroller of roadblocks you’ve ever imagined. I love stories that touch the human spirit, and the combination of story, visuals, color and sound that make our spirits collectively rise and fall in symphony, like no other time or place in the world than in film.

Let’s team up to Connect, Inspire, Train & Entertain #WomenInPost.

I’m so happy you’re here!

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