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I’m Kristen. I’m glad you’re here!

I’m a full time digital media maven [AKA video editor], wife, mother of 2 rambunctious boys, and a Chicago native. I love to travel, talk philosophy, and watch Marvel movies (Go Iron Man).

In my spare time, I like to disturb the status quo. One of my earliest memories is of kicking an orange cone being used by some frighteningly large middle-school aged boys to mark first base in their blacktop baseball game. I kicked that cone and ran, kicked it and ran, over and over again for no good reason. That is, until they ripped the shirts off their backs, threw the ball AND bat in my direction, and charged at me from home plate and the outfield, howling like hungry vicious animals. I bolted straight though their diamond and lost them around a nearby building. To my young mind, I had surely just escaped with my life. I didn’t feel fear. I felt terror, speed, adrenaline and glee.

Later on, thinking back to that moment, I began to understand who I am. An adrenaline junkie? At times. But also a barrier breaker, a straight shooter, and a curious mind.

Fast forward to today. You don’t see many female video editors. That’s probably how I got here – drawn to the struggle of being the best in the most challenging and unexpected places. It’s an INTP thing.

As an editor, I help people clarify their message, their brand, and their creative vision. I empower people to put their best foot forward in digital media. I’m very good at it. Here is why:

My clients are fierce competitors in a hostile winner-take-all arena – and amongst fierce competition, I love to win.

This isn’t simple video editing. This is an exponential partnership of king making. Thus, KNG Films. Sure it’s my initials, but the “king” thing, that’s all you.

Side note: Michelangelo believed his art was merely revealing the beauty that already resided within the rock. I employ that same philosophy in editing.

I look forward to learning more about you, your mission, your competition, and the visual communications you need to win.

Let’s make it happen!

More About Me

I bring eight years of professional experience as an editor.

I hold a BA in Political Science with several Masters level courses in Philosophy and Political Theory.

Favorite Quote: “Little struggle, little growth.”

Favorite Tools: Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, In Design, Audition, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro X and DaVinci Resolve

Video Genres: Personal Branding, Business, Documentary, Testimonial, Feature and Special Events

Going Above and Beyond: Consulting, Script Editing, Color Grading, Voiceovers, Royalty Free Music, Audio Mixing, Closed Captions Rendering, Motion Graphics, Special Effects and Digital File Sharing

Let’s get Started

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