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Stirring Results

"Stirring" / "Seamless" / "Organized" / "She really pulled the emotion out of the video. Well done."

These are some of the words my clients use to describe their videos after working with me. It would be my honor to do the same for you and your project.

Welcome to KNGfilms! I'm Kristen, and I'm glad you're here.


My Passion = Your Epic Results


I work with clients to produce custom motion pictures - films and videos that move us, that capture and preserve a perfect or fleeting moment, and that ultimately build a better world.

I've always been a creative with an intently analytical and perfectionist edge.

Did you know the composition of music revolves around a hierarchy of rules? These rules allow our ears to anticipate motion, to be uplifted, surprised, fulfilled and even scourged. Now my husband will tell you, I'm not one for rules. (The other INTP's out there know what I'm talking about.) But these rules, the ones of the creative universe, weave a tapestry of tension and release within our senses. And when manipulated in just the right way, they allow me to bring your video project to the edge of what is possible.

Translation: Your video project - fully realized according to your precise desires and specifications.


My Philosophy

“The sculpture is already complete within the marble block, before I start my work. It is already there, I just have to chisel away the superfluous material.”

― Michelangelo

Your video is the same way, imminently awaiting culmination.

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More About Me

I bring eight years of professional experience as an editor, having served clients across the board, including:

  • Federal Government Agencies
  • Small Businesses
  • Non-profits
  • Video Production Studios
  • Entrepreneurs
  • YouTubers
  • Newly Weds, and
  • Learning Institutions

Whichever your field, I have the experience and creative skill set to buff your project to its finest luster.

As a video editor, I efficiently and artfully sculpt each project to its precise and ideal culmination. I especially enjoy projects that aim toward breaking barriers of social, political, and geographic adversity.

I believe all who seek to express their experience and wisdom with the world should do so with their own empowered voice, in a manner appropriate to their needs and goals. And to that end, I am here to help.

I provide value to my clients and their publications, with a customer driven mentality, including:

  • 24-48 hour turnaround times
  • Audio Enhancements
  • High Quality Royalty Free Music, and
  • One Complimentary Revision with Each Project

I hold a BA in Political Science with several Masters level courses in Philosophy and Political Theory. Apart from freelancing, I am the assistant editor to Oddbox Studios, a fully equipped photo and video studio in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Let’s team up to build a world that is more boldly beautiful, free, healthy, connected, empowered, and appreciated than the moment that came before. I look forward to working with you as your editor.

Next Steps...

Let's talk about your project. I'd love to hear your ideas, how it's coming along, and what I can do to help.

Professional. Empowered. Extraordinary.